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How to Create a Good Vibration

EP 024 | HOW TO CREATE A GOOD VIBRATION What does it mean to have “good vibes?” Why do some people seem to exude a positive, effortless good energy? Yet others (maybe even you?) feel like there’s a dark cloud following them around that they can’t get away from? Can you catch bad vibes? Is …

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psychedelic integration whats your true why

What’s Your True Why?

EP 023 | WHAT’S YOUR TRUE WHY? If you’ve been listening to The Psychedelic Integration Podcast for a while, you may have gotten the idea that healing with psychedelics is like, hard work, or something. We have no idea where you would have heard that. 👀🤪   We don’t sugarcoat things. It’s true. Other people may …

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Why We Love Plant Medicine Retreats

EP 021 | WHY WE LOVE PLANT MEDICINE RETREATS We’ve been getting loads of questions lately about HOW to sit with psychedelics and plant medicines. On this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re unpacking all the different ways you can meet sacred medicines and why we LOVE plant medicine retreats. Plant medicine retreats, particularly with …

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