All About Grandfather San Pedro

All About Grandfather San Pedro

EP 025 | ALL ABOUT GRANDFATHER SAN PEDRO Welcome to All About Grandfather San Pedro, our love letter episode for the heart-opening medicine of the Andes mountains. Also known as huachuma and aguacolla, this healing mescaline containing cactus is not only fast growing and sustainable, it just might radically change your life. We don’t get …

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How to Create a Good Vibration

EP 024 | HOW TO CREATE A GOOD VIBRATION What does it mean to have “good vibes?” Why do some people seem to exude a positive, effortless good energy? Yet others (maybe even you?) feel like there’s a dark cloud following them around that they can’t get away from? Can you catch bad vibes? Is …

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The Wounded Healer

Who is the wounded healer? Do you identify as an empath or wounded healer or know someone who does? This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re exploring the concept of The Wounded Healer, and all the nuances of what it can look like when you’re called to be in service to others as someone …

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Thank You Plant Medicine: John’s Story

EP 007 | THANK YOU PLANT MEDICINEJOHN’S STORY Thank You Plant Medicine (#ThankYouPlantMedicine) is an annual global campaign designed to encourage people whose lives have been changed by plant medicine to share their stories of transformation and gratitude, and to help end the stigma around the use of psychedelics. We are devoting two episodes of The Psychedelic …

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