the truth about healing with psychedelics

This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re having a real honest talk about the truth about healing with psychedelics. After taking six weeks off to relocate our lives and work to Wimberley, Texas, just outside Austin, we’re back and excited to take a deep dive into what “healing with psychedelics” actually means. 

We’re so used to this idea of go see a doctor, get (maybe?) a diagnosis, probably for sure get some pharma prescribed, and snip snap, your symptoms are handled. For a lot of people, this so-called healthcare system is starting to feel more like a cold, mechanical assembly line where no one is listening to you, you’re spending shitloads of money, and you’re not getting better. More and more folks are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired with no real cure, and escalating pain, suffering, and medical bills.

How is the conventional Western healthcare system failing us? Why is healing with psychedelics is becoming a lifesaving healing modality for so many people who have been left behind and left in pain by the endless cycle of doctors, diagnoses, treatment plans, drugs, and symptom management? What does it mean to truly walk the path of spiritual growth and transformation with plant medicines as your guide? 

We’ll answer these questions and so much more on this juicy episode. 

In this episode, Sinclair and John discuss…

  • The common and spiritual definitions of healing and psychedelics
  • Symptoms and how they are an effect of a source or cause further upstream
  • How shifting to working with plant medicines and psychedelics shifts your meaning of healing
  • The participatory requirement of working with plant medicines to look at what’s being revealed and lean into it
  • The accepted paradigm that there is ALWAYS a physical or physiological cause to illness
  • That the source of illness and disease starts in the consciousness and spirit and manifests in our emotional, mental, and physical body from there
  • Why people are seeking help outside the for-profit healthcare system for chronic pain, chronic illness, over-medication and suffering without end
  • How plant medicines are sharing their ancient consciousness with us to help us live our purpose with more joy, love, and happiness
  • How psychedelics can show us the true nature and causes of our illnesses and dis-ease by reconnecting us to our true selves and returning us to our natural order and balance
  • When our spirits are high, anything is possible
  • Diagnoses, pharmaceutical drugs, commercials selling diseases, side effects, and more…
  • Treatment plans that require lifelong dependence on the provider and why this is not actually treatment
  • The truth about healing with psychedelics: Bringing the mystical experience into your everyday reality through sustainable spiritual integration practices
  • The many manifestations of spirituality and living a spiritual life, and how these practices support health, harmony, and well-being
  • Psychedelics are just the first step, taking action to align your life with your vision is where the real work is

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