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Albert Herrera


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Hello, I’m Albert Herrera, your transformation buddy! Throughout my early adult life I found myself falling into the same patterns that had troubled my family’s legacy. Dealing with grief, trauma, and depression through substance abuse and self destruction. 

After a few harsh wake up calls and synchronicities, I knew it was time to change my path. I decided to travel to South America in search of healing and soon found myself in the Andes mountains (Ecuador). It was in those mountains where I began to face the traumas that had troubled me and my family for generations.

Working with various plant medicines and ceremonial healing rituals I was able to gain a new perspective on life. Breaking free of many ingrained patterns and ancestral ties to pain and suffering, I was able to find peace within myself and reconnect to the pure love and compassion that were buried within. 

From this experience I became determined to heal not only myself, but my family line. I studied and grew by traveling into the jungle spending time with indigenous tribes, sitting in countless plant medicine ceremonies, and learning different modalities of healing on my journey. After returning home I immersed myself into different forms of self-healing, including studying yoga, breathwork meditation and many forms of holistic healing.

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Along the path I found Kambo, or should I say Kambo found me. It had a profound impact on my growth, helping to bring my physical, emotional and energetic health to a place I had never thought possible. After working with Kambo for some time, I was blessed with the opportunity to train with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. It was at this time that I knew it was time to give back. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany, where I practice and hold events as Rana de Luz



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