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Hi there, I’m Sinclair, and I am living proof of the amazing transformative healing power of plant medicines. 

I’ve always felt a calling to be of service, spending more than a decade working in nonprofit disaster relief, women’s health activism, substance abuse treatment, and education. On the outside, I seemed happy. I had friends, a good job, a nice car, a nice home. But inside, I was hiding a secret.  

I was a highly functional party girl battling a crushing addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, food, toxic diet culture… You name it, I was addicted to it. I struggled with deep worthiness and self-love issues, anxiety, chronic pain, and perfectionism. I was a self-sacrificing people pleaser who desperately wanted people to love me, but I did not know how to love myself. ⁣⁣⁣For two decades, I drank and blacked out and forgot who I was. I checked out of my life. My health suffered, I gained 80 lbs, and watched my father die in prison as a result of addiction, trauma, and violence. Life hurt and I was lost. 

And yet by some miracle, I found the smallest light in myself. Source called to me to do whatever it took to save myself. So instead of committing suicide, I chose to fight for my life. I quit alcohol in the middle of Burning Man, left my career, sold all my stuff, and started traveling the world to find meaning and truth.

Plant medicine called me toward healing, loving myself, and unlocking my soul mission: Prioritize my connection to Source so that I can be authentically myself, love my life, and guide others in finding the same path.

As Ram Dass says, we are all just walking each other home after all. 

I spent two years living in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and working closely with ayahuasca and San Pedro, ancestral rituals, psychedelic integration, and shamanic ceremony – healing in retreat with more than 400 people during my time managing operations and teaching yoga at a medicine retreat center. 

My relationship with sacred master plants has deepened my connection with my Highest Self, healed my trauma, nourished my trust in this work, and sent honor through my ancestral line.

sinclair fleetwood ayahuasca medicine woman facilitator
sinclair fleetwood ayahuasca san pedro retreat psychedelic integration

During my time in the trenches of the ayahuasca industry, I saw a disturbing and reckless trend: People were not getting the preparation, aftercare, or integration support that is absolutely vital to completing the healing circle and sealing in the vibration we connect with through plant medicine and psychedelics. 

I am committed to changing that. Because you’re not just here to have trippy visuals in a psychedelic journey. 

You’re here to receive a vision for your life. 

As a trained and certified Transformational, Recovery, and Psychedelic Integration Coach, I provide experienced holistic guidance throughout the entire psychedelic journey – education, preparation, navigation, and integration – so that you feel supported and held throughout your transformation. 

I offer grounded, nurturing, loving support so that you feel safe to go deep, take back your power, and create the life you deserve.  It is my honor to walk with you on the magical path of growing and healing with sacred plant medicines.



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